Ladder Rail Extension

Ladder Rail Extension
Item# 10800

Product Description

According to the U.S. Board of Labor Statistics, 80% of all falls from ladders occur at the top of the ladder and 50% of falls from ladders occur during the transition from the ladder to a second surface.

Designed to attach over the top of most extension ladders, the Safe-T-Ladder™ system allows the climber a safer transition than stepping around the ladder at its top. With the Safe-T-Ladder™ you can walk through the hand rails for a safer transition to the next level.

The patented design requires no drilling and will not damage the ladder – easy to use!

Lightweight – each side weighs only 7 lbs.

Compatible with almost all contractor grade extension ladders.

Complies with OSHA 36" extension ladder standard 1926.1053(B)(1)

The Safe-T-Ladder™ exceeds OSHA 200 lb. guard rail and ANSI 1000 lb. ladder test standards for trusting strength